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Discover HOW to pass by revising the smart way.

This is your smart invitation to Join The Ultimate Revision Club

So YOU pass your next exam … with confidence!

I will take you from a nervous wreck to a revision champion, with more confidence, better preparation and tons more self belief!

Is this you? Are you feeling like a rubbish Accountant?!

Does this sound like you?

👉 Stuck in a revision rut?!

👉 Rereading the study text over and over?!

👉 Stressing out because you can't remember the syllabus?!

👉 Super frustrated cos you know the technical bits buts still cant pass a mock?!

👉 Or you are too nervous to even attempt a mock exam?!


That was me a few years ago!


I know exactly what you are feeling ‘cos that was me!

I failed loads of my exam – even with 36%! #ouch

But I kept going, found the right ways to revise and 8 years ago I qualified and got my plaque up on the wall!

Oh Yes it feels A.M.AZING!

I failed exams because I got revision totally wrong!

Having failed so many exams because I didn't revise ‘properly' has helped me create a structured revision strategy that works!

I know how to coach you so that you PASS … with CONFIDENCE!

For the past 8 years I have coached hundreds of qualifying Accountants to successfully pass their exams.


My coaching focuses on 3 KEY areas

🤓 Motivation

🤓 Exam Technique

🤓 Confidence


I am proud to be a coach {not a tutor} – which means I teach you how to actually pass the exam (not just the technical bits)


It is no coincidence that in 2020 all of my clients were resitters.


Qualifying CIMA and ACCA students passed with my coaching because

👉 I gave them the right perspective

👉 I enthusiastically had their back & supported them

👉 Plus I transformed their exam techniques with a smart, structured strategy


Do you want to have this support so YOU can say “Helen, I finally qualified!”

Don't just take my word for it!

Here are some of the Ultimate Revision Club members.

Sharing what they think &

How their journey has transformed their confidence & motivation!

Have a watch!

I coach revision differently ~ and it works!

Revision should be done differently.

It’s not all about learning the syllabus or spending the week before cramming in as much knowledge into your already stressed and nervous brain.

There is a smarter way to revise!

Oh and NO – It doesn’t mean more hours or staring at exam questions or freaking yourself out when the wall of fear hits you bang in your face!


The Ultimate Revision Club is where I coach and teach the smart and Ultimate revision strategy you need.

Too many people mess up on their revision stage

“I don't know what to do though?!”

It can be hard watching other Accountants pass.


On Linkedin you see all the ‘look at me’ posts, which makes you wanna poke them!

You hear the confused comment from your manager, wondering if you’re the best Accountant in their team.

You’re using all of your free time, annual leave, evenings and weekends trying so hard to be motivated and learn all of the syllabus.

Spending so much time worrying, stressing and panicking that you don’t know enough and you’re ridiculously unprepared.


And even when you try your hardest, you still see the words ‘Failed’

There is a much smarter way to REVISE

The Ultimate Revision Club is a unique membership.

Where I coach you to go from Revision confusion to a Revision Champion!

Using my structured, organised, confidence building ‘Ultimate Revision Strategy'

WHY – Cos you get me!

Every week telling you how to fit the revision jigsaw pieces together in a way that makes you feel prepared, supported and most of all confident!

This is not a study thing – It is a Revision strategy, for your revision phase.


You’ll get – Confidence exercises – that work!

To boost your confidence in real ways that reduce the nerves and massively increase your self belief and positive attitude so you really feel like a revision champion!


With my coaching, you’re going to scream “I can pass this” … with your arms in the air!

Everything you need is included

Revision Hub + Valuable coaching from a CIMA Qualified expert

Revision Hub

Resources, videos, templates that you need to revise.

(even some things you didn't realise you needed, but work!)

Qualified Expert

I'll teach you HOW to revise and HOW to feel on top of the world, excited and incredibly proud of yourself.

Show up & commit and I'll commit to you!

A revision strategy

All the jigsaw pieces you need so you do the right revision at the right time.

Manageable bitesize tasks

Monthly masterclasses

For all the right revision techniques.

My aim is to coach you to empower and transform your revision.

Weekly coaching

To keep you on track, supported and motivated.

Without the stress and nerves.

And we've sweetened the deal some more

You also get this amazing bonus worth £99 free

Masterclass: Revision Strategies & Tactics!

A brand new class to learn the smartest revision strategies, laser focused & exam specific!

Full of more Helen secrets that work to boost your motivation, confidence and exam preparation!

You will get a hot seat so we can set YOUR smart revision strategy.

It's all about you and what you need!


Value – £99

My students are nailing their revision!

Another Member's video!

Here are some more Ultimate Revision Club members!

Sharing WHY you should press the Join now button!

Have a watch!

Is the Club right for you?

The Ultimate Revision Club is a great fit if…

·        You are a qualifying accountant studying ACCA, CIMA, AAT

·        You’re committed to your revision phase

·        You’re tired of revising the wrong way

·        You won’t quit if the revision gets tough!

·        You’re sitting a resit, and your low confidence is stressing you out

The Ultimate Revision Club is not a good fit if…

·        You want me to do your revision for you

·        You think you only need to spend one week revising

·        If you’re a prize winner! Congrats, but you don’t need this.

·        You want a tutor and for someone to teach you the syllabus –I'm a coach because I teach you HOW you can pass the exam.

You can get started today for just £49…

£49 per month

Your investment includes all of this!
  • Weekly live coaching
  • Monthly masterclasses
  • The Ultimate Revision Jigsaw
  • Easy to follow revision templates
  • Confidence & Motivation videos
  • Coaching exercises that work!
Plus, you get these bonuses ..
  • Exam specific brainstorming sessions
  • Real support from a qualified Accountant
  • Some treats I can't even release yet! 😜

Here's what some more clients say!


“I saw you on Linkedin & so many people comment on your posts and say ‘Thanks for your help' – so I instantly knew I had to contact you to get my through my last 2 exams!”

Hanshika Joshi – ACCA – ATX & AAA


“I always used to think ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to fail the exam’, now I actually know I am going to pass! Helen, you have always been very supportive, you have always motivated me, and pushed me to do my very best. Thank you!”

Fran Gardner- ACCA


“Helen has helped remind me about how important confidence is and why you need it in your life, it's transforming my study and revision and I am just going from strength to strength”

— Carmen Shum, CIMA

“The biggest transformation is resetting my beliefs, because I’ve failed an exam, something needed to change. Helen made me very enthusiastic about studying and revising – which I never thought I would say!”

Tom – ACCA


When is the weekly coaching?

Every Thursday at 8pm (UK time) and recordings are all available in the Members Area


When is the monthly masterclass?

Sunday’s at 8pm, I’ll be coaching you on some very juicy & exciting revision techniques (again all available in the members area)



How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

I would be honest and say a couple hours a week. Any qualifying Accountant needs to dedicate revision time, this Club is part of that 🤓

I’m so nervous about my exams – Can you really help me?

Of course! I’m a coach for a reason because I love to help & support. I’m also CIMA qualified so I now exactly how to support your Accounting journey


I’m studying ACCA or AAT – Can you really help me?

Yes, absolutely! I’ve coached many non CIMA students.

I am CIMA qualified, but this is your revision remember, I’m not a tutor, I’m focusing on how you put your revision strategy in place, so you can answer your exam questions – I love this style of coaching and I can totally support you!

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime, with that month’s fee non refundable.

The Revision Club is currently CLOSED!